SeaStars - Catering & Events


We are giving and caring…always going above and beyond for our clients, we are aware that a wedding is a special event that should be treated as a feast to remember, not just a money making job. All our food is locally sourced, organic, foraged & wild whenever possible. We use sustainable catering practices and green products. Chef Jamie & Elizabeth, Selene, Chris, Jonathan and Beth-Ann are all very talented chefs with a very similar style and approach to cooking.



We have a truly amazing team of event coordinators. Each embodies the hard-to-find combo of a planner’s mind matched with a get-er-done work horse mentality and an ability to handle every situation with grace, care, fun and generosity.



The talented mixologist Vanessa (previously Sierra Mar’s bar manger for 18 years) has been working with Sea Stars since the beginning in 2008 and we are constantly amazed by her cocktails! Her style is a perfect fit for Sea Stars events. She forages and grows in her Big Sur garden, all her own flowers and herbs for her cocktails. Her flavors are fresh, interesting, seasonal and festive and her smile is huge and warm, she is the perfect bartender.



We have had the pleasure to work with many different photographers throughout the years. Some of our local favorites to work with are Michelle Magdalena Maddox, Brandon Scott, Priscila Valentina, Evynn LeValley, Erich McVeyRyan Chard Smith, Myleen Hollero. You can see a lot of their gorgeous work right here on our website!